Northern Symphony Festival

We’re pleased to have been invited to play at this year’s Northern Symphony Festival on the 21st April at The Venue, Selby, Yorkshire. Hope to see some of you there!

More rehearsals

We’re still rehearsing hard for the next season of gigs, commencing with Metal To The Masses on February 4th.

We’ve also added some shows for later in 2018, including some venues that are new for us. Details to be announced as soon as the dates are finalised.

Samhain at Nambucca

A little clip from our Samhain Night at Nambucca, about a month ago, where we shared the stage with mediaeval band Badde Habbyt and Viking rockers Atorc. Here is Mrs Miggins’s dance troupe dancing to Badde Habbyt’s version of “The Scots Brawle.”