Mystic Symphonic Rock

Enjoy a long, intense kiss – with a forked tongue.

While the previous album, “Myths and Muses” was a wonderful interpretation of traditional tunes, the focus of the third album is on original compositions, with a move towards a rock sound. Even the well-known “Salterello” features grandiose electric guitar.

Serpentyne always favour the dramatic, such as “Helen of Troy,” the triumphant “Jeanne D’Arc,” and the instrumental, “Morrighan’s Jig,” which is based on the legend of the mythical queen from Irish mythology. Not to be forgotten – after all, the sextet is from Great Britain – is “Brigantia,” about the Celtic goddess.

The title track, on the other hand, has an oriental sound, and a surprising new interpretation of the Game of Thrones can also be found.

Through this fusion of medieval sounds with biting electric guitars and pounding drums Serpentyne develops further. The serpent has arisen!

Claudia Zinn-Zinnenburg, Orkus magazine, Germany, January 2017.

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