First review of “The Serpent’s Kiss!”


The first review of our new album has now come in, from Dave Smith of Ravenheart. You can read it on our “Reviews” page, or on the Ravenheart website here:

Thanks Dave!


Reviewed 10th October 2016

The number of awesome bands that come my way that have up until now escaped my radar always amazes me. The latest band to join those ranks is London based Serpentyne. The band was created in London in 2010 by founder members Maggie-Beth Sand and Mark Powell, being inspired by a combination of early music, folk, Celtic, world and rock. They recorded their first album, ‘Stella Splendens’ that year, basing it on traditional mediaeval texts and tunes from England, Spain and France, arranged in their own style and blending instruments such as cittole, hurdy-gurdy, harmonium, portative organ, medieval drums, crumhorns, recorders, and of course Maggie’s voice. Serpentyne released their second album, ‘Myths & Muses’ which is based on mediaeval, traditional and mythic themes, this album has a stronger rock element. ‘The Serpents Kiss’ is their third album which follows the same mythic & medieval themes, but heading into a heavier rock sound. Mediaeval instruments remain at the forefront but with a more symphonic sound coupled with heavier guitars. It all works rather well, this being showcased in the opening salvo, ‘Spirits of the Desert’ and ‘The Dark Queen’. ‘Helen of Troy’ is a melodic belter, whilst I just love pipes, with ‘Jeanne D’Arc’ featuring said pipes, this track bouncing along rather nicely – one of my faves from the record in-fact. The pipes appear again on the awesome ‘Lammas Night’ together with the didgeridoo would you believe, another catchy up lifting track, surely it is about time for me to go out and light that camp fire :). The mid-tempo title track has a kinda Middle Eastern vibe which is of no surprise, as the number is inspired by the story of Anthony and Cleopatra. The remaining five tracks maintain the bouncy up tempo folky feel with a couple of instrumentals thrown into the pot for good measure. I am however, interested in the number ‘Viking Blood’ as it does sound familiar to me. This album is awesome stuff and well worth a punt of anyone’s well earnt dosh! The band’s facebook is here – a great effort!… 8.75/10 (Dave)

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