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Thanks to Soulfly and to all!

Europe with Soulfly, what an amazing time it's been so far!

Thanks to all who have come out to see us, we hope to visit again soon.

Here are a couple of our best bits:

"First I want to say a few words about the support band, because this is really worth knowing. Serpentyne comes from England and plays folk metal. Despite the metal anchoring, I heard a lot of British seventies folk rock in their music, which probably had a lot to do with vocalist Maggiebeth Sand recalling the vocalists of the era such as Maddy Prior and Annie Haslam. The music was clearly influenced by medieval music, and on the records (which the undersigned have not heard) apparently many guest artists participate on medieval instruments. Here the band members had to trot everything, and we - in addition to the more common rock instruments - got the touch of bagpipe, recorder and something that looked like an exhaust mop, but sounded different. Serpentyne is worth noticing for anyone who is interested in folk rock / metal."

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