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London Photos & Review - Feb 2020

A huge thank you to everyone who came down to see us at the legendary The Underworld in Camden Town! Incredible reception and support shown as always by both the fans, and by headliners Rhapsody Of Fire. Check out a review below, and photo album in our gallery section!

Next up, we head abroad to join Tarja in Portugal, Spain and France, hope to see you there!

LIVE AT THE UNDERWORLD w/ RHAPSODY OF FIRE by MIDLANDS ROCKS Something of a local gig for Serpentyne who throw early music, folk and Celtic rock into a metal cauldron and the resulting alchemy is both heavy and ethereal, similar to what Candlemas achieved on Epicus Doomicus Metalus. Opening with ‘The Dark Queen’ there’s a strong song sensibility that holds their different influences in a cohesive whole as ‘Angel in the Night’ is garnished with medieval guitar flourishes. With its fine bagpipe solo ‘Bring on the Storm’ has an earthy folk vibe and a military muster that rallies the troops for tonight’s headliners. Click here to view.

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