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'Away From The World' - Out Now

SERPENTYNE new single "Away From The World" (Hell Fairy Records) is now available on Spotify:, and

“We’d like to send our best wishes to all during this unfortunate time, hoping that everyone stays safe and well. It’s been a difficult time for all, but on a cheerful note, we’d like to thank Metal Goddesses for sharing our new video “Away from the World” (based on our song of the same title), which was luckily filmed a few days before the lockdown, and edited in the past weeks under self-isolation.” She continues: “Away from the World” is about escaping from reality to a dream-like state in which the mind creates a world of its own. Since the lyrics suggest some kind of a self-isolation, whether in a fantasy world or real life, we thought that they seem appropriate during this current situation of worldwide lockdown.”

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