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Review of our Show at ((szene)) Vienna March 4th, 2023, opening for Tarja

SERPENTYNE: The British symphonic metal band

'Serpentyne kicked things off on Saturday evening at 7:30 p.m. The band with lead singer Maggiebeth is all about folklore, myths, legends and historical figures. The formation, founded in 2010, has released three albums so far, the latest being called Angels Of The Night.

The band was completely convincing and had good access to the audience. It's nice when you're playing in an almost full hall at this time. Maggiebeth brought a pink glass ball and asked the audience: "Will the future be happy? – We don't know.” The applause from the fans grew louder from song to song.

"Unfortunately, we're already ending our set. Time to briefly introduce the band…” The last song 'Angel Of The Night' had it all again and rocked really well. "After that we're out on the merch, all the way out." The support bands' merch was in the ((szene)) beer garden today – so that's where you could meet the Serpentyne musicians after the show for photos and autographs.'

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