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“Lavishly orchestrated symphonic rock” (Progression, USA.)

For the past few years, British symphonic rock band Serpentyne has been taking its unique sound around the clubs and festivals of the UK and mainland Europe.

The bands album “The Serpent’s Kiss” is now available worldwide on Amazon
and iTunes.

2017 gigs:

January 28th – Castle Heddingham, Halstead, Essex, UK.
March 25th – The Serpent’s Lair, Nambucca, London UK.
April 8th – The Tunnel 267, Wimbledon, South London UK.
April 16th – Quinphonic Festival, The Roadhouse, Birmingham, UK.
April 21st – Retribution Alive, The Lounge, Archway, North London, UK.
May 28th – Dover Town Hall, Kent, UK. (Private event.)
June 3rd – Camden Assembly (as part of Camden Rocks Festival) London, UK.
June 7th – The Fiddler’s Elbow, London, UK.
June 17th to 18th – Wellingborough Festival, Northamptonshire, UK.
June 22nd – Manchester Arena, Manchester, UK – supporting Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow.
June 23rd – Beaumont House, Windsor, Berkshire, UK. (Private event.)
June 24th – Conwy Festival, Conwy, Wales, UK.
July 14th – FOTL Festival, Tintern Abbey, Monmouthshire, Wales.
July 23rd – The Serpent’s Lair, Nambucca, London UK.
July 28th to 29th – Asgardian Festival, Staffordshire, UK.
August 26th – The Potton Club, Potton, Bedfordshire, UK.
September 2nd – Warrington Festival, Lancashire, UK.
September 9th – Porter’s Farm, Chedburgh, Suffolk, UK.
September 24th – The Serpent’s Lair, Nambucca, London UK.
October 14th – Ongar, Essex, UK.
October 29th – The Serpent’s Lair, Nambucca, London UK.
December 17th – Yule/Christmas Night at The Serpent’s Lair, Nambucca, London UK.

More dates to be added as soon as they’re confirmed.