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Home from tour. An amazing response!

A huge thanks to all fans and industry who saw us out on the recent Tarja & Stratovarius throughout October, the response was amazing! Check out a few of the reviews we've received below.

​FRANKFURT REVIEW BY YVONNE OTTE, METAL AND HIGH HEELS SERPENTYNE started at 8 pm – this was going to be a very long evening. The Medieval/Folk Metal band from Great Britain surely perform a unique combination. The band did a great job, and showed how multifaceted is their music. Click here to view. UNIVERSIADA, SOFIA REVIEW BY GILLAN, METAL HANGAR SERPENTYNE came on stage first. The English impressing from the beginning with the combination of female and male vocals and the vigorous symphony power folk metal. The guitarist was the most active, and he lived in every played and sung note. The rest also showed a stirring attitude. The male vocalist, who was dressed in a black robe with a hood, was impressive and at first we did not see his face. With a voice coming out of the depths of human consciousness, he skillfully contrasted with the sheer, operatic, ladies' vocals. The singer showed not only that she can sing well, but also play keyboards. The performance was divided into two parts. In the first we heard the symphonic side of the band and in the second we enjoyed the folk metal. For their little time, the British demonstrated class, self-esteem, and contact with the audience, and were rewarded with applause and more applause from new fans. Click here to view. ALCATRAZ, MILAN REVIEW BY MIKE BERTOLI, METAL MAXIMUM RADIO The honor of opening this magical evening is up to the Londoners SERPENTYNE. The band put it all together, bringing a fresh and entertaining Epic / Folk Metal to the stage, and the audience appreciates their commitment by reacting with applause and encouragement. The band has fun, slowly the audience heats up and when the SERPENTYNE close with "Morrigan's Jig" everyone applauds for a performance made with the heart!!! Click here to view. BATSCHKAPP, FRANKFURT REVIEW BY STEPHAN FERENCZI, FULL METAL FOTO Serpentyne has a rather unusual style of music. Folk Metal with bagpipe and other old instruments, so far so good, there are some in the German-speaking countries (Saltatio Mortis, Schandmaul, Subway to Sally). It is unusual by the song. The singer goes towards classical music / "Symphonic". Altogether unusual and a bit getting used to but also interesting. Lighting technology, it was rather usual support band-dark. Click here to view. ALCATRAZ, MILAN REVIEW BY MARCO GIONO, METAL HAMMER To open the evening there will be the Serpentyne coming from London. Their is a symphonic metal / rock with strong Celtic / folk influences that has found its own well-defined dimension in the third album entitled 'The Serpent's Kiss' of 2016. Now we just have to go and see how things went in that Milan, if the icy north wind is just breeze or something powerful and majestic. Serpentyne. What immediately strikes are the costumes of the English. The guitarist Lee Willmer is in pirate mode. Then there is the blonde singer with a beautiful presence and a bewitching voice. Finally there is a guy who plays the bagpipe and among them a dancer. And above all the music, that tells the stories such as the beautiful 'Jeanne D'Arc' or 'Helen of Troy'. Listening to them is really a pleasure through to the final instrumental 'Morrighan's Jig', which seems to incite a party. The public appreciates and is fascinated by the Serpentyne show. Click here to view. ESSIGFABRIK, COLOGNE REVIEW BY YVONNE OTTE, METAL INSIDE Although it is a co-headline tour, As support the Finns had SERPENTYNE, a medieval / folk / metal band from the UK. The music of SERPENTYNE is something special. The Middle Ages is generally not for everyone, but the band manages to make this particular music "everyday". In the foreground the classical singing of singer Maggiebeth. A truly unique combination of genres that was well received by the audience. The tour has been going on for a while and the loyal fans are traveling, so of course they love SERPENTYNE and give their energy during the performance; you could tell, how much the audience liked it. All in all a great start to the evening of the "Nordic Symphony" Click here to view. UNIVERSIADA, SOFIA REVIEW BY WEROCK, BULGARIAORIGINAL The beginning of the concert featured the music of Serpentyne. Stratovarius and Tarja Turunen have repeatedly conquered the hearts of their Bulgarian admirers. Serpentyne, however, was something new, there was an element of surprise, especially since it turned out that their music perfectly matched Tarja's. Serpentyne made a good impression as a powerful, energy-swirling gang. The singer said she was truly honored to participate in the A Nordic Symphony tour of Tarja and Stratovarius. Honestly, it was obvious to the audience, who was able to applaud the "Serpentyne" throughout their 40-minute set. Serpentyne conquered the stage and perfectly fulfilled their task of warming fans for the rest of the show. Click here to view. BACKSTAGEWERK, MUNICH REVIEW BY CIMDDWC A concert report from yesterday (18.10.2018) in the Backstage plant in Munich from the "A Nordic Symphony 2018" tour of Tarja and Stratovarius with the opening act Serpentyne: With more, sometimes less folk, sometimes with bagpipe, always powerful and stirring, Serpentyne were a good start and certainly in the top 5 of the supporting acts, which I did not know before. Click here to view. CAPITOL, HANNOVER REVIEW BY COUNT YOUR BRUISES They are supported by the five heads of the British band Serpentyne. As part of the "Nordic Symphony" tour, the Finnish voice legend Tarja Turunen, together with power metal giant Stratovarius, also from Finland, visit the event center Capitol at the Black Bear in Hanover. They are supported by the fBritish band Serpentyne. The London quintet around vocalist Maggiebeth Sand performs a unique blend of symphonic and folk metal, featuring, among other things, their own version of the Game Of Thrones theme, mixing electric guitar sounds with the sounds of medieval instruments. Click here to view. MATRIX, BOCHUM REVIEW BY EVENTREPORTS-ONLINE The Symphonic / Folk / Metal band from England went to great lengths to bring the previously rare audience into the mood. After a few songs and the use of a bagpipe the audience got warm. Click here to view. KLUB STUDIO, KRAKOW REVIEW BY WOJTEK TOMCZYK, OVERDRIVE Along with Stratovarius, the opening band Serpentyne was all too eager to kick things off for the legendary acts. The band put on their best show, with guitarist Lee Wilmer going nuts on stage, supported by the tight performance from drummer and bass player Nigel Midleton and John Haithwaite respectively. As they opened the show, vocalist Maggiebeth Sand came out and starting bellowing out incredible operatic vocals reminiscent to that of Tarja, and it made complete sense as to why they were picked as opener on their tour. The most intriguing part about this set was that they split it into two sections: the first being symphonic metal and the second being folk metal; and it worked. Complete with backing vocalist Vaughan Grandin laying out his all on the bagpipes (yeah, bagpipes), the band kept the crowd incredibly engaged and almost guessing what they’re going to do next, and for that I have to commend their talents and creativity. Click here to view. REVIEW BY REDAKTEUR THEO, BURN YOUR EARS With its red curtains, theatrical balconies and creaky wooden floorboards, the night theater lives up to its name and is predestined for a symphonic metal show. The British symphonic rockers music, infused with folk and world music, is well received. The troupe is met with great applause, while the package of band shirt and album goes over the counter of the merchandise many times. Click here to view. UNIVERSIADA, SOFIA REVIEW BY KRASSIMIR ANGELOV, DNES,BULGARIA A special guest at the concert was the British symphonies SERPENTYNE, who set the strike beginning, and shortly after the end of their set very quietly mingled with the audience, where they were shooting with fans and watched the show of STRATOVARIUS and Tarja. Click here to view. ORION CAMPINO, ROME REVIEW BY PAOLO D'ANTONA, METAL FORCE The October 16th was an unmissable evening for all lovers of symphonic metal. The first of the two Italian stages of the European tour that sees Tarja and Stratovarius as co-headliner touches the Orion of Ciampino for a concert in symphonic shades, but also appealing to different musical palates, from the more rock Tarja to the Stratovarius power metal, up to the opening band of the evening, the Serpentyne, that propose a sound closer to folk. It's just after 7 pm when the Serpentyne Londinesi enter the stage dressed in black with a lot of slacks and hoods. The band is here to promote their album "The Serpent's Kiss". The vocalist Maggiebeth Sand, whose ethereal and at times narrative voice is one of the most distinctive features of the band's sound, greets the audience with a delicate Italian saying she is happy to be here for the first time. And so, they start with “The Dark Queen." The band then leads us by the hand through songs that narrate mythological and historical stories like "Helen Of Troy" and "Jean D'Arc." Following "Helen Of Troy" we have an intermezzo in full Celtic folk style, with kilts, flutes, bagpipes, drums and dancers on stage. Overall a band that in some ways reminded me of the German Haggard.

Click here to view. ALCATRAZ, MILAN REVIEW BY FEDERICO CERIONO, METALPIT Serpentyne tell us stories of myths of the past in different tracks such as "Helen Of Troy", creating a truly engaging and festive atmosphere. We can only be fascinated right away! Click here to view. ALCATRAZ, MILAN REVIEW BY MICHELA VECCHIA, PANORAMA Opening the concert the Serpentyne, an English folk metal band with Maggiebeth Sand, wearing a long dress in antique style. Their sound is interesting, a mixture of folk, medieval music reinterpreted in a modern key with the aid of uncommon instruments in rock, such as bagpipes and tambourines. Click here to view. GARAGE, SAARBRUKEN REVIEW BY VON ANDREAS, WAVE OF DARKNESS The Finnish musicians were supported by folk metal band Serpentyne this Thursday evening. Serpentyne musically blend into the genre: a female singer with an operatic voice, mystical tales and a melodic but hard metal sound. ESSIGFABRIK, COLOGNE REVIEW BY YAGALOO TV Serpentyne appealed to me very much. The style of the band at first reminded me a little bit of medieval bands like "Faun", but with a much tougher musical impact. The singer Maggiebeth Sand, a trained soprano, I liked vocally very well. And I also liked the music directly. The first three songs were then dominated by the voice of the singer. But that the band also has a lot of instrumental skill in the box, which was demonstrated when an instrumental piece came, first with a traditional Scottish bagpipe, then with an electric bagpipe. My favourites were "Lammas Night" and "Morrighan's Jig", but I liked all the songs so much, that I ordered the CD right away. Click here to view. TOUR REVIEW BY CLAUDIA BLACK, PEEKABOO MAGAZINE, BELGIUM Serpentyne Tour October/November 2018 supporting Stratovarius and Tarja. I have just spent 5 days travelling around central Europe with Serpentyne who are on a 22 date tour opening for Stratovarius and Tarja. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience but very tiring!! Late nights and early mornings followed by endless hours on motorways that at times could be monotonous whilst at others I gawped in awe at the scenery!! Five band members, the merchandiser and me all squeezed into this van. Surprisingly all this passed off with good humour and camaraderie. And now to my review... Serpentyne played in some big venues in front of crowds that were not familiar with their output but on the shows I went to (Milan, Munich, Innsbruck, Prague and Berlin) the crowds were quickly won over by their infectious melodies and charisma and in return gave them deserved encouragement! The band members exude a self assurance and easy confidence. Vocalist Maggiebeth Sand seemed to click into a groove, and knows how to banter with the audience. The Forum Karlin in Prague was the biggest venue they played on the tour with a capacity of 3000. The band was very well received there and Vaughan Grandins bagpipes enthralled, giving their set some difference compared to the joint headliners. When listening to the set in a bigger venue where sound has space to breath some earworms start to assert themselves on my conciousness!! To the point where I woke up either with Serpentyne's ''Spirits Of The Desert'', ''Helen Of Troy'' or ''Llammas Night'' whirling around in my brain and no matter how hard I tried to get rid of these tracks from my mind they would not go. That is how strong these tracks are! Everything had to be perfect on and off the stage from showing up at venues on time, setting up on time, sound checking on time, every minute detail had to be just right. Serpentyne did this with minimal fuss! Professionalism was the key! After Berlin I had to leave the band and fly home, but I hope the remaining shows in Poland, Germany, Hungary and Bulgaria are as good as the preceding ones! Let's hope that the future is one of many successes where Serpentyne are no longer openers for established acts!

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